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Capture The Truth About Clay Roueche's Abduction

It should be known that for the whole time of the alleged conspiracy with which Clay was charged, he never lived in or operated in the U.S. When Clay traveled to Mexico by way of Mexicana Airlines he took a direct flight to Mexico. Because he has a felony on his record he could not even enter the U.S. if he wanted to.


When Clay landed in Mexico City, him and his girlfriend were detained by a federale (a term used to describe a Mexican federal agent) the moment they got off their flight. Clay and his girlfriend were soon separated. In Mexico every flight stops in Mexico City before tourists head off to their planned destinations. After being detained and held in an immigration part of the airport Clay was taken to an office where a Mexican official tried to have his picture taken with Clay shaking his hand. While in the office other officials, one being a lady wearing Gucci glasses and sporting a Louis Vuitton bag, told him that he was a security risk to Mexico and that he was being denied entry, further stating that she could not tell him why. After being held for a while an official came to escort Clay to an American Airlines terminal. Seeing that it was a totally different flight and knowing the history of American Airlines, Clay refused to board the flight. 

Clay then left the official and jogged through the airport looking for a Canadian Consulate to get some type of protections from the scheme he now believed was in the works. After  this happened a bunch of federales came in force, with them was the lady from the office. They seized Clay's passport and told him that he HAD NO RIGHTS IN MEXICO AND THAT THEY WERE NOT ASKING HIM, THEY WERE TELLING HIM TO BOARD THE PLANE. The plane was supposed to fly directly to Canada. 

From the moment Clay left on his vacation to attend his friend's wedding in Mexico there had been a plan in place to get him on American soil. A plan that involved Canada, Mexico, and the United States. The idea being that once he was on American soil it didn't matter how he got there. Not long after Clay boarded the American Airlines flight it made a special stop in Dallas, Texas where DEA/ICE AGENTS arrested him and congratulated each other for successfully avoiding Canada's extradition process. Some police in Canada went outside their jurisdiction by helping to violate Clay's rights as a Canadian citizen. This was even stated and bragged about on national television.

Additionally these words were printed in newspapers verifying what had taken place. Clay was given NO LEGAL PROTECTIONS from this international scheme. After he was detained they tried to break his will by placing him in solitary confinement for 18 months. If he agreed to cooperate the horrific treatment would be ended. They couldn't break his will so they made his treatment even worse by taking away his phone privileges, delaying his mail months at a time, and having him miss out on his daily one hour recreation, which amounted to 24 hour lockdown in a small cell with bad lighting. Even while in the SHU (Special Housing Units known as 'THE HOLE' where inmates are held 23 hours a day) the government sent informants in an attempt to set him up and further enhance his sentence. One day in the middle of the night Clay was heavily shackled and taken to the basement of a prison in Seattle where he dealt with the hostile tactics of the FBI. The situation was so corrupt that based on an informant (who had a history of false testimony and mental illness) Clay was flown from Seattle in a private turbo jet to a communication management unit in Marion, Illinois. He was the only inmate on the turbo jet and heavily guarded by U.S. Marshals. Marion was America's first original  super maximum security prison facility. Clay was housed in a special unit that the government feels require extra communication monitoring otherwise known as the CMU (communication management units). Units the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) argues is unconstitutional.

After 3 months in this unit (which houses terrorists and mob bosses) it was proven the informants claims were false. Then Clay was flown back to Seattle in the same manner. The federal prosecutor's continued to stack charges against Clay by superseding his indictment a number of times. Discovery from an unrelated case in Canada was also admitted as evidence to be used against Clay in the American case. The evidence was supposed to be sealed, however a Canadian reporter came to a court hearing and was given the discovery by U.S. federal prosecutors. This evidence was soon plastered all over the internet for anyone to view. They wanted to capitalize on the media attention to give Clay the maximum sentence possible. The government knew that once they had Clay in the U.S. they could achieve their objective much easier. MEANS OF EXTRA ORDINARY RENDITION WERE USED TO CIRCUMVENT HIS RIGHTS TO A PROPER EXTRADITION HEARING,  which would of secured him a much more fair sentence. Treaty transfers are in place to allow Canadian prisoners to transfer from the U.S. to Canadian prisons where inmates can serve their time in their native homeland. Clay is a Canadian citizen that NEVER LIVED IN THE UNITED STATES,  furthermore he is a father with three loving daughters and a strong supporting family back home in Canada.

Every 2 years he applies to come back home to Canada. Ironically the United States government is approving Canadian treaty transfers on a regular basis yet the Canadian conservative government continues to deny Canadian citizens their right to serve time in their own country close to their families. Due to this Canadian immigration lawyers have exposed this abuse clearly showing that the Canadian conservative government has been DENYING CANADIAN CITIZENS THEIR CHARTER OF RIGHTS. These lawyers continue to make progress in the fight to bring Canadian citizens back home where they belong.


With Irish Anthony Shea from Charlestown. The movie 'The 'Town' was based on his life story.
With George Martorano: American Legend, Respected Mentor and The Bureau of Prison's number 1 poster boy for positive change. For more ino about George go to this website.
With renowned friends from New York Chinatown by way of Fuzhou City, Fujian Province in mainland China
A philosopher, an artist and now an author Clay is all about making positive change. Clay's attitude is that a person's past does not dictate their future and that a man's future is whatever he chooses to make it.
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