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The New Age



The Book of Indomitable Virtues


Clay Roueche is from Vancouver B.C . An artist , a philosopher , a poet , and now an author. Often called worldly and charismatic , Clay's knowledge and wisdom has come from his many life experiences. He inherited his military mindset. One of his great grandfathers was a US Navy Middle Weight Boxing Champion and his grandfather was a Master Mason who received The Metal of Honor while serving in the Canadian Air Force during World War II. Clay also has a passion for Martial Arts and is a very disciplined individual. Furthermore he has a way with words. While attending some sales training fresh out of high school it became very clear that he had natural communication skills.

Clay has always had a love of history. Growing up in a community full of immigrants allowed him to experience many different customs first hand. Later he traveled all over the world to places like Europe , Latin America , The Middle East , and Asia. During his worldly travels he acquired knowledge from many different types of people , many of whom  became his life long friends. Having a natural gift he was openly accepted as an equal into many different cultures. Clay truly has lived and experienced things most people couldn't even fathom. He lived his dream.

This all came at a price. On May 17 2008 he was arrested while traveling on vacation to Mexico. There was a joint operation between the US , Canada , and Mexico which resulted in his arrest. He was not given any extradition hearing and arrived in the US by means of extraordinary rendition. Once in US Federal custody he dealt with the hostile tactics of the federal government. Many would argue the tactics used on him were unconstitutional. His phone privileges were taken away and his mail was delayed months at a time. He was placed in a Special Housing Unit where he was locked down 23-24 hours a day in a small cell with bad lighting. When he was given his legal right to one hour recreation he was often called at 5 a.m. in the morning with his only option being to go out in the cold. He was locked down in this unit for almost two years ; this type of environment makes a lot of people loose their minds. It did not have that affect on Clay. Later Clay was given what's called "Diesel Therapy" taken early in the morning to an airport and flown around the US , not even his lawyer being notified about where he was going. He eventually arrived in Marion , Illinois and was taken to a special Communication Management Unit that housed terrorists and Mob bosses. This Penitentiary was America's first Federal Super Max prison. They could not break Clay. He stayed true to his belief's. Later due to excessive media attention and wide ranging US Federal Drug conspiracy Law's he had no choice but to do an open plea in front of a Federal Judge where he was given 30 years. He said a few words , maintained his Dignity and took his sentence like a man.

Clay has been the subject of countless newspaper and magazine articles. Among the more popular stories are "The Last King of Potland" and more recently "BOSS WEED" in Rollingstones magazine. Clay is still actively pursued by all types of media. Not all of Clay's media attention has been negative. One former drug addict turned drug counselor did an interview with a newspaper and claimed Clay saved his life by helping him get clean. Currently many recovering drug addicts from all over North America write Clay letters of inspiration. He also gets letters from all types of people with military backgrounds , some even being soldiers that have already been on tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. Additionally Clay receives many letters of support from all types of people.

A natural born Entrepreneur with an unrelenting positive attitude Clay has continually turned all the negatives in his life to positives. This book is a classic example. A US prosecutor once said that Clay would of been very successful in anything he chose to do , but he had made the wrong choice. Now Clay has chose to make the right choice and turn his life around. Some may see his situation as hopeless , but Clay has a much different view on things. Police on the street were quoted as saying Clay "Lived By a Code" and helped out his friends. Clay has always "Lived By a Code" and if he commits to something he will stop at nothing to live up to his obligations. A father and a family man first and foremost , Clay is loyal to his friends , and true to his roots. Because of the way Clay had conducted himself all his friends and family support  his decisions wholeheartedly. He is the type of man that will let his actions do the talking for him. It should be known that Clay is a realist , he knows he needs to reinvent himself and move his life in a more positive direction. And that is exactly what he plans to do. 

All types of changes are being made with regards to the overcrowded US Federal prisons and the draconian drug laws. The system is broken and they are trying to fix it. With Marijuana  slowly becoming legal all across the US and the War on Drugs coming to an end Clay might be able to go home to his family a lot sooner. He truly believes that which does not destroy us makes us stronger and that we can learn from our mistakes. Clay has turned over a new leaf and is all about improving his karma , which in turn will better his life.

A lawyer once called Clay an anomaly , he is definitely not average or ordinary. His thoughts can't be contained ; his body may be in prison but his spirits running free. Clay truly is a renaissance man.